Your Vision. Our Lens.

Our Mission

At DeFlores Media Group, our mission is to capture life’s moments with creativity and passion, providing our clients with high quality visual narratives that tell their unique stories. We strive to blend artistry with technology to deliver timeless photos and videos that evoke emotion, preserve memories, and inspire connection.

Our Purpose

Led by our Creative Director, we’re a process driven creative studio that’s been capturing timeless moments through photography. We also film, produce, and edit documentary videos, advertisements, non-profit videos, live-streams, sporting events videos, e-commerce ads, social media videos and event productions.

Creative Director

Imagine. Create. Execute.

Hello! I’m Jimmy, a passionate photographer & videographer with a special focus on capturing the dynamic and vibrant essence of sports, the authenticity of lifestyle moments, the elegance of products, the energy of events and the adventure of travel.

  • Nickname: “Creative Director”
  • Skills: Photography, Videography, Graphic Design
  • Languages: English & Spanish

Meet Jimmy

With a camera in hand for decades, I’ve developed a keen eye for the unique stories that unfold in the fast-paced world of sports, the intimate and real moments that define our everyday lives, the intricate details that make products stand out, and the unforgettable memories created at events and during travel.

My journey in photography & videography began with a fascination for capturing moments that tell a story, moments that otherwise might be missed. This fascination quickly grew into a profession as I honed my skills and immersed myself in various photography & videography genres.

Absolutely loved working with Jimmy! DeFlores Media Group captured our SA Soul Queen Pageant perfectly as an official FIESTA event and made us feel so comfortable throughout the process.
Lynn Kee
Vice President

Jimmy’s Creative Styles

Imagine. Create. Execute.

5 Star Rating


My goal is to freeze the peak action, showcase the athleticism, and convey the emotion of the game. Whether it’s a decisive moment on the field or a quiet instance off it, I strive to bring viewers into the action.



I aim to capture the beauty of everyday life. From candid street photography to intimate portraits, I believe in preserving the authenticity and emotional depth of the ordinary moments that often go unnoticed.



My approach is detail-oriented and creative. I understand the importance of presenting products in a way that not only highlights their features but also tells their story and connects with the audience.



My lens is focused on capturing the spirt of adventure that travel brings. My approach is a blend of curiosity and respect for the places I visit combined with passion for exploration and storytelling.



I skillfully combine typography with experimental geometric shapes, creating layouts that are both visually striking and easy to navigate. My approach results in designs that communicate with clarity.

Graphic Design

Let’s connect

My team and I look forward to working with you to capture your moments, tell your stories and create lasting memories.

I bring a blend of creativity, technical expertise, and a deep understanding of storytelling to each project, ensuring every photograph and frame not only meets but exceeds your expectations. I pay special attention to the light, colors, textures, and details that make each shot unique and I’m always on the lookout for those unplanned, spontaneous moments that often turn into the most memorable shots. My commitment to quality and my passion for photography & videography are evident in every shot I take and in my leadership style as the Creative Director with my colleagues.

Imagine. Create. Execute.